Thursday, August 28, 2014


photographer: Maria 

hello everyone! 

In my town slowly warm days come to an end. And autumn comes, and it is not my favorite time of year.This strange period when all yellowing. And yes I do not like to autumn because the rains are eternal. If you have a different opinion on this season, share your opinion in the comments.

I very rarely wear sports shoes, but one of the latest fashion trends - it's a mixture of styles, and I decided to try it.Therefore, for this look, I decided to wear loose pants burgundy colors, from one Scandinavian company, adding to the look quite charming blouse and of course sneakers.

The first time when my younger brother saw me in these glasses he said to me, "You're in them like the girl from California"

Do not forget to correct me.

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glasses:no brand





Saturday, August 23, 2014


photographer: Maria 

Hello,my dear friends. Today I writing my first post . My name Sofia, I am a student at the college of art .Why I decided to start his own fashion blog? Fashion is my passion. In my blog I will tell you about travels and my everyday life, and sometimes I will do beauty post, and of course ,each post will be accompanied by my looks. Excuse me guys for my english, I stand corrected (honestly) .

Now let`s talk about my look:in the heat need to wear something short I chose shorts, but I have such a strange feature that even in the +30 I can freeze, so on top of this knit top, I decided to put on a shirt. I added  in the image of an unusual necklace that fits to the jacket and shoes to match

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